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oo2. all of the lights.
smile; fake it all take what i can get
[ action ; 1490 Kramden Road ]

[Guess who just got a package? Pyro eyes it warily; who the fuck gives people such huge boxes anymore? Shrugging it off, he drags the thing inside to the living room to examine it further.

It's a big brown box with his name - his full name, much to his disdain - on the top. It's longer than it is wide, and it's pretty damn heavy. Could this be how they give people's stuff back? Oh man, he hopes so. He rips the thing open and finds his favorite flamethrower, the Backburner. The mouth of the weapon is practically smiling at him with those sharp teeth and squiggly eyes.

He's gonna have so much fun with this. He lifts the thing over his head and laughs maniacally, the sound ringing throughout the house.]

[ action ; just about everywhere ]

[Pyro's going around lighting drones on fire. No, he's not burning them to death, just sneaking up behind him and lighting their clothes up. As he does so, he can be heard giggling and laughing with glee.

It was such a bad idea for Mayfield to give him this. He's not really paying much attention, so be careful; he might just light you up next!]

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[ Ilsa knows what is going on seconds after he opens the package, considering how much glee Pyro is radiating. The laugh confirms it. ]

[ But, she knows he's been down so long he needs to cut loose for a little bit. When he stops for breath, she calmly calls from the kitchen: ]

Not in the house, hon.

I won't, I won't, don't worry. If I want to do shit near the house, I'll at least do it outside or something.

[He's still really tempted to just fire the thing right then and there. But there are so many flammable objects nearby. Sigh.

He abandons the flamethrower for a second and races upstairs. Bye bye, suits.]

[ action ; just about everywhere ]

Excuse me! What the hell are you doing? [ An enormous man in armor is glaring at you. And by enormous that means the heavy looks like a shrimpy little girly man compared to him. ]

[Cackling under his breath until hey wait a sec where did the sun go

He looks up. The flamethrower stops and a drone runs away screaming.]

Jesus fucking Christ in heaven almighty. [Yeah, he's not gonna answer that question if you're gonna be standing there all giant like.]

Who is that? Is that your name? [ He steps forward, looking down at the little fellow with the flamer. }

[Action; just about everywhere]

[Olivier is on her way home from work when she spots him, and watches from a safe distance, observing the drones' lack of reaction to having their clothes set afire. She represses a shudder at the thought that they might have been more than drones at one point, or still could become more than drones. After watching for few more minutes, she decides to call out to him.]

You there, with the flamethrower!

[She's standing back, hoping her call doesn't cause him to turn the flames on her.]

[He grins as another drone makes its merry way down the street, its back all up in flames. The call catches his attention, though, and he turns around, still grinning. The flamethrower is lowered for the moment; no use in wasting fuel on a fellow prisoner.]

Yeah? What's up?

[ Nena will be behind you, giggling like an innocent 4 year old as you're behind a drone lighting them on fire. ]

[Several drones continue on their way, walking past him with their clothes and hair lit up. He doesn't notice the person behind him until he turns around to find a new target. Pyro makes an odd squawking noise as the flames halt.]

Jesus, I almost didn't see you there! Sorry about that.

(Hey, that's Bugs' fluffy cotton tail you just lit up!)

Fiyah, fiyah, fiyah!

(Runs around flailing as he attempts to put it out.)

Oh, shit--! [Have a compression blast aimed your way.]

...Fuck, I knew it was too good to be true. This thing didn't always have that. Bye bye, ammo... [He frowns.] Sorry, by the way. Guess I should pay more attention or something.

Somebody has a very bad idea about humor.

[Guess who's pretty good at not getting lit on fire? This walking target here. He is keeping his distance, thanks.

All Medic got back was clothes. Lame.]

Bad idea? Pfft, you just got no sense of one, Doc.

[ action ; just about everywhere ]

[She watches as he sets the "poor innocent" drones alight. She clenches her fists; she wishes she could join in, but she lacks the flamethrower to set them alight. She must be content to watch, or try to steal it. She decides to do the former. Meanwhile, Pyro is getting closer than many people would like to have a flame-wielding maniac.]

((OOC: Sorry about the grammar fail.))

[Just cackling and grinning as he sets them on fire. Not gonna notice until you say something.]

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