glance; so petrified i'm petrified

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oo4. haven't slept for weeks, drink some of this. it'll put color in your cheeks
disbelief; things cannot stay the same
[ action ; open ]

[Pyro is just walking around, like usual Mayfield. But today he looks a lot more tired than usual: his steps falter and sometimes he looks close to falling on his face. Every time he trips on himself, he manages to get back up, muttering to himself. Approach him if you dare.]

[ phone ; open ]

[A few hours and a short nap later, Pyro manages to bring himself to the phone.]

Holy fucking flying shit, is there anything to do in this place? I mean, yeah, cool, a few of my teammates came and there was some zombie shit last month to keep us all occupied, but I'm really starting to fucking hate waiting around for Halloween to come! Last I heard, some shit's gonna go down then, but right now I'm fucking itching to do something. 

[ action ; 1490 Kramden ]

[Pyro has collapsed on the couch. He accidentally  fell asleep, whoops. It's been about fifty hours since he last slept, so he won't be bothered if you try to wake him up.

When he does wake up, though, it'll be with a scream and in a cold sweat.]

oo3. i'm gonna drink myself to death
back; harder and harder to breathe
[ locked to RED Pyro

And I brace myself because I know it's going to hurt.Collapse )

oo2. all of the lights.
smile; fake it all take what i can get
[ action ; 1490 Kramden Road ]

[Guess who just got a package? Pyro eyes it warily; who the fuck gives people such huge boxes anymore? Shrugging it off, he drags the thing inside to the living room to examine it further.

It's a big brown box with his name - his full name, much to his disdain - on the top. It's longer than it is wide, and it's pretty damn heavy. Could this be how they give people's stuff back? Oh man, he hopes so. He rips the thing open and finds his favorite flamethrower, the Backburner. The mouth of the weapon is practically smiling at him with those sharp teeth and squiggly eyes.

He's gonna have so much fun with this. He lifts the thing over his head and laughs maniacally, the sound ringing throughout the house.]

[ action ; just about everywhere ]

[Pyro's going around lighting drones on fire. No, he's not burning them to death, just sneaking up behind him and lighting their clothes up. As he does so, he can be heard giggling and laughing with glee.

It was such a bad idea for Mayfield to give him this. He's not really paying much attention, so be careful; he might just light you up next!]

oo1. action.
annoyed; i say no it isn't perfect
[Six am. Dawn, a time when the desert isn't so hot and there aren't as many creatures milling about. 

With a yawn, Pyro starts sitting up. He stretches his back, then his arms. Well, that's odd. He's sure he has burns all up his arms. Where'd they go? And... Well, fuck. What's up with this bed? It's so big and clean and holy fuck there's someone lying in it with him. 

With a start, Pyro jumps out of bed and immediately looks for his mask, his suit. No one was supposed to know his identity, no one. They said he could stay anonymous, that no one was allowed to know. 

Swearing, he almost trips on the bedside table. No mask. A nice lamp, yes, and an alarm clock, but no mask. When he searches the room, he doesn't find his closet lined with suits. No, it's filled with-- with-- suits. Motherfucking suits. 

He makes a break for the stairs and finds nothing familiar. It looks too clean, too neat to be the base. There's a faint smell of roast beef - maybe last night's dinner? - and a family portrait on the coffee table in the living room. There he is with some woman and a boy and a girl. His family, maybe? But he has no family, no one cares for him only more, no one matters, it's just supposed to be fire fire fire against those pesky REDs--

He runs outside yelling.]
What the fuck is going on?! Where is everyone?! Scout! Demo! Solly! The fuck are you at? 

[Scowling, he runs down the street and bangs on the door of the nearest house.] Anyone home? Come on, come on, come on, come on out and give it up already! This is the shittiest joke I've ever seen. Not worth the effort of setting this shit up. 

[He continues to run down the street yelling.]
Come on! Come on out and show your goddamn faces!

glance; so petrified i'm petrified
Your childhood home is just down to white bones and you'll never find your way back.Collapse )


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