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oo4. haven't slept for weeks, drink some of this. it'll put color in your cheeks
disbelief; things cannot stay the same
[ action ; open ]

[Pyro is just walking around, like usual Mayfield. But today he looks a lot more tired than usual: his steps falter and sometimes he looks close to falling on his face. Every time he trips on himself, he manages to get back up, muttering to himself. Approach him if you dare.]

[ phone ; open ]

[A few hours and a short nap later, Pyro manages to bring himself to the phone.]

Holy fucking flying shit, is there anything to do in this place? I mean, yeah, cool, a few of my teammates came and there was some zombie shit last month to keep us all occupied, but I'm really starting to fucking hate waiting around for Halloween to come! Last I heard, some shit's gonna go down then, but right now I'm fucking itching to do something. 

[ action ; 1490 Kramden ]

[Pyro has collapsed on the couch. He accidentally  fell asleep, whoops. It's been about fifty hours since he last slept, so he won't be bothered if you try to wake him up.

When he does wake up, though, it'll be with a scream and in a cold sweat.]

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[When he passes by the porch Mokou is sitting on, she raises an eyebrow and calls out]

Hey. Somethin' wrong?


[He stops in his tracks and looks around. It doesn't take him long to find the source of the voice, but his eyes are bleary.]

Uh. No. 'Course not. Why'd anything be fucking wrong? Ground's just moving funny, s'all. You get that, too?

The ground's not moving.

Are you drunk, or something?

Oh? Does something super awesome happen at Halloween?

Uh. Depends on your definition of "awesome", I think.


(Engie's just walking around town as well, getting used to the place. He actually managed to find his way back home yesterday on his own, so he's going to be a bit more daring and explore more of the place. That's when he sees a young man fall down on the ground. Engie, being Engie, rushes to help him up.)

Son, you alright? Here, lemme help ya.

[He lets Engie help him up, a bit too dazed to protest. He does give Engie a questioning stare, squinting at him.]

Huh? Who're you, why're you calling me son? I ain't no one's son no more.

[ The rapid shift in his dreams caught Ilsa unaware. She has to stop herself from her instinctive reaction to hold the dreamer until the become aware of their surroundings, knowing how Pyro shies away from touch. That doesn't stop her from projection heavy doses of calm, safe haven and openness to talk, though. ]

Pyro! It's okay, emergency over...

[ She's stopped within arm's reach of him, ready to move forward or back as needed. ]

[His eyes dart all over the room. It's... Well, the place isn't on fire and people aren't screaming at him anymore. It's just... quiet. Really quiet. He can't find it in himself to feel the eerie silence eat at him as his gaze falls on Ilsa.]

Mmn. I wasn't-- being loud or anythin', yeah?

[He rubs at his eyes and arches his back, stretching.]

*Uh-oh, teammate in trouble. Sniper spots BLU Pyro from where he's currently sitting on the roof of his house avoiding his drone family. The third time Pyro nearly faceplants Sniper decides he should probably at least say something.*

You okay there Pyro?

*He's not calling you a mumbling abomination, it's almost like he cares.*

[He immediately stops at looks up, his eyes wide. His wary expression is broken by a yawn as he gives a shallow wave.]

Yeah, 'course. Never better. Y'know, ground's just being a fucking bitch. Thing does that sometimes, dunno why.

[She notices and tries to trip him; sticking a foot out to see if it catches him.]

Hey there, Blue. What's eatin' ya?

[He falls, naturally, but he doesn't jump up and glare at her. He simply mumbles to himself and moves to sit up.]

Nothin'. Ground's just being fucking weird again. Does that sometimes, y'know? It's like it knows that I ain't sleepin' or whatever. Fucking psychic ground, Red. You should watch out.

Tried usin' the drones for human bowling yet?

Huh. Nope. Can't be any more fun than fucking setting 'em on fire.

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